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Dr Miracle Relaxer Regular

Dr Miracle Relaxer Regular

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Moisturize and rejuvenate boring, frizzy locks with the Dr. Miracle New Growth Relaxer Kit. This formula includes a leave-in conditioner that penetrates deep through to your hair shaft to define natural curl patterns and wake up your dead follicles. This personal care product also softens, hydrates and provides a light hold so that you can get those easy-moving, free-flowing strands. The powerful, tingling formula is Thermaceutical, cooling and calming your scalp upon application. It continues to work even after you stop feeling it. The ingredients feature an energizing complex of coconut milk. It's lye-free for premium gentleness. This package of Dr. Miracle No Lye Relaxer comes complete with enough product for a touch-up application, protective gloves, a mixing spatula and easy-to-follow directions to guide you through the process. It's suitable for use on all textures.

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